Bachelor of Arts (Business, Enterprise and Community Development)

Specifically the BA year is designed to advance the learning achieved by the certificate level graduands but also to open up opportunities for Level 6 graduands of other disciplines to progress to degree level enhancing their learning.

Business and Enterprise Development

This module focuses on building the learner’s knowledge in the area of management and business development. Its relevance is critical to the Smart Economy concept as the learner will acquire skills and competencies in the areas most relevant to most business – how to grow the business! – How to identify and assess opportunities! How to manage these developments!

Financial Accounting

The ability to interpret and present financial information is an important skill in both commercial and not for profit organisations and this module will develop the learner’s ability in this respect.

Project Management

The operational level of every organisation needs staff with the ability to implement structure and process to maximise effectiveness. Project management competencies can be applied to all areas of organisations.

Applied ICT

The increasing specialisation required in ICT requires management and administrators in organisations to have a broad understanding of ICT trends, developments and potential.Ensuring the appropriate investment is made for the organisational needs is challenging and this module will develop the participant’s skills to assess and deploy ICT requirements.

Applied HR

People management is increasingly complex due to the legislative onus on the employer. However the application of Best Practice Human resources principles and policies can avoid legal issues. This module will develop a critical awareness of HRM and demonstrate its application.

Research Methodology

Learners must undertake a module in research methodology to build their strengths in academic writing and structure, preparation of research proposals and writing dissertations.

Community Development

Recognition of the value of developing social capital in the forms of community work and voluntary activities is core to the programme.Having been unemployed the learners will recognise the needs for support for others in the same predicament.The graduates of this programme will be equipped to propose innovative solutions to funding, management and operational issues which can occur in community projects.

Integrated Learning Project

This module will provide the programme participant with the opportunity to synthesise the learning achieved in a practical application. This can be in the form of a placement or work based learning project.

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